Welcome to the AU TECH Summer Hangout!

Get ready for a day filled with fun, socializing, and exciting activities! Join us as we gather to unwind and connect with your colleagues in a laid-back atmosphere.

Our program for the day offers a fantastic lineup of social activities designed to bring everyone together. 

No hangout is complete without tasty food, and we’ve prepared an array of delicious treats to keep you energized all day long.

But wait, there’s more! To ensure you have a worry-free day, we’re offering complimentary transportation to and from Navitas.

So mark your calendars, bring your A-game, and get ready for AU TECH Summer Hangout. See you there!

Programme for the day

12:00   Poster Session

13:00   Lunch

13:15   Welcome

13.30   Basecamp with beverages

15.00   Ice cream truck

17.00   Thank you for today!


eXplore the harbor

At this year’s AU TECH Summer Hangout, we’re taking the afternoon activity to another level! Join TECH eXplore, where you and your team will be challenged to solve a series of exciting tasks! Gather the strongest, quickest, and most clever team and take on the challenge against your colleagues!


Team registration opens on June 3rd.

Fill out my online form.


The Viking Game

You may know this game from the good, old garden party. It is a fun outdoor game where players have to knock down pins of wood. Who will be the first to knock down the king-pin? Beware though, because you cannot knock it down before you have knocked down all of your opponents’ pins.

Ladder Golf

Ladder Golf is about throwing the slings to the ladder stands without the slings falling off the ladder. You can score points by hitting the different dowels on the ladder. Each dowel is worth a different amount of points. The team that reaches 21 points first, wins! 

Hit The Nail

You may have seen it at town festivals, in the pub, or at a garden party. And there is much more to this than just muscles. Precision and technique are highly necessary. In this activity, you must compete against other teams by hitting a giant nail into a wooden stump with a hammer. The team with the least number of hits wins.

Foosball - Table Football

Are you competitive or are you just crazy about table football? Then sign up your team to compete against others in a table football tournament. Do it for the fun of it, to win, or just to hang out with your colleagues.

Street Basketball

Do you want to feel your pulse and the concrete under your feet? Does your department fancy high pace and the chance to challenge other departments in a sports activity? Then register your team for the street version of basketball and fight the other teams every inch of the way!

Street football

People have always played football on the streets and now there is a name for this phenomenon; Street Football. So, if you want to challenge your colleagues to an intense football match, street football is the thing for you.

Giant Mikado

Mikado is a famous game and we understand why! It is a fun game, which calls for a calm hand and plenty of concentration. Now you can try it in a giant version, which makes the game even more fun. Who is the best at untangling all the many sticks without the other sticks moving at all?

Giant Jenga

You need to have both your physical and mental skills in play when you head into a game of giant jenga. It is a simple game, where the tower grows taller and more unstable. Be sure to pick your team wisely! 


When registrating for bus transportation, you will arrive at 12.00, in time for participating in the poster session.

Transport to Navitas


Foulum (AU)



Blichers Allé 20 Foulum 8830 Tjele

Pendlerplads Viborgvej/Randers C







Transport from Navitas


Foulum (AU)



Blichers Allé 20 Foulum 8830 Tjele

Pendlerplads Viborgvej/Randers C








Fill out my online form.

The deadline for signing up has expired.
If you have any questions, please contact us at


AU TECH SUMMER HANGOUT is a day dedicated to taking a break, having fun and relaxing with your colleagues. You will get the opportunity to put together your very own day along with your colleagues. Among other things, you can compete in various activities or simply relax in the sun with a cold beer or coffee.

The event takes place around and at Navitas in Aarhus. The address is: Inge Lehmanns Gade 10, 8000 Aarhus C.

The admissions ticket will be sent to you as a text message. You need to use it when you order your drinks. 

Participation in the SUMMER HANGOUT is free. In the week leading up to the event, you will receive an SMS with a link to the ticket.

This contains 4 beverage tickets, 1 meal ticket, 1 cake ticket and 1 ice cream ticket.
If you’re still feeling thirsty after you’ve used up your tickets you can pay for extra beverages with Mobile Pay.

Prices can be seen in the bar.

BASECAMP is the area where you and your colleagues can relax, eat and drink.

You will receive:

  • 4 tickets for beverages
  • 1 ticket for your meal
  • 1 ticket for ice cream
  • 1 ticket for cake

If you find that you need more, it will be possible to purchase more beverages with MobilePay.

For AU TECH SUMMMER HANGOUT, we use reusable cups to minimize single-use plastic production and protect the environment. It’s VERY important that you take good care of the cups provided and avoid breaking them. When you finish your first drink and need to dispose of your cup, you can:

  • Hand your cup to the staff at the bars and get a new one (they’ll thank you with a smile!)
  • Drop your cup in one of the GENKRUS containers

If you arrive by car there will be a limited number of parking spaces below Navitas at your own expense.

There is no dress code for this event. But since the Danish weather can be unpredictable, it might be a good idea to bring a backpack with sunscreen, a raincoat and perhaps a blanket to sit on. Please be aware that there will be no storage cabinets or wardrobe.

There will be toilet trailers around BASECAMP and you can find disability toilets by the main entrance in Navitas.

It will not be possible to enter the building of Navitas. The event takes place outside.


Are you not able to attend, we would love to hear from you by reporting back via this email: 

Please type the following in the subject field: “Cancellation”. In the email, write your full name, the email you signed up with and your unit.


Questions can be sent to: